‘t Twiske – the story behind this painting

Dick and Leonie have recently had a new house and were looking for a beautiful painting for above the dining table. We made an appointment and I visited them to make an inventory of the wishes. Together we determined the size of the painting, it became 200x85x4cm. Quite a large format, but I told you that a painting on the wall always turns out smaller than you would initially think. They found these two paintings that I have already made very beautiful, so that style had to be:

I asked if Dick and Leonie themselves might have a photo of a landscape that I could use as a starting point. For example from a place where they like to come or where they have been on vacation. After a few days I received this photo: (the photo was made by GdeB fotografeert)

This is a photo of the Twiske, a nature reserve near the home of Dick and Leonie. It had to be a Dutch landscape, with the colors of the paintings above. Green, blue and yellow as main colors with a pink or red accent here and there. Because the painting has a panorama size and this photo does not, Dick and Leonie asked if I wanted to paint a piece of landscape with beautiful trees. Plus a setting sun that reflects in the water. I went to work and sent some update photos and videos every week. When the painting was finished after 6 weeks, I invited Dick and Leonie to come and see the painting for real. Because in real life, a painting really looks very different from photos. They were very satisfied and picked up the painting the following week. ‘t Twiske now has a very nice place above the dining table. A customized painting with self-chosen colors and a self-chosen image.