Sissies lost in Doetinchem

On a regular basis I make paintings on personal request. Two months ago Laurens asked me if I could make a painting with the skyline of Doetinchem in it. Doetinchem is a small town in the eastern part of the Netherlands, so I was like: “Uhhhh….say what?! Does Doetinchem have a skyline then??” It turned out that this “metropole of the world” did not have a real skyline. Laurens had seen a mural with buildings in the background in the school where he works. He wanted something similar for himself, but with Sissies in the foreground and buildings from Doetinchem, including his own apartment complex, in the background. 

This is the mural:

Muurschildering school Laurens

Okay then…. Sissies and buildings from Doetinchem, a peculiar combination completely out of the box! I decided to take the assignment. In the apartment of Laurens and his boyfriend Kelvin we took measures and decided that a 180x50cm would look best in their living room. We also decided on the colors blue and green for the background, because of the colors of the walls in their house. Laurens sent me photos of all the buildings he wanted in his painting; the mill and the church of Doetinchem, the “Graafschap” stadium (the local professional football club) and of course the apartment complex they live in. In the workshop of Marjan Lahnstein I started working on it and every week I sent Laurens and Kelvin photos of the progression:

De startIn het open atelierde voortgang...thuis weer verder...selfie :)voortgang...voortgang...het eindresultaat!Laurens en Kelvin kwamen het schilderij ophalen

Last week, Laurens and Kelvin came from Doetinchem to my workshop in Amsterdam to pick up the painting that was ready. It has many funny details in it, like a “Graafschap Sissie” in the colors blue and white from the football shirts of the Graafschap. The mill I painted on a hill, unknowing that in real life it is on a hill too. Also it turned out that the colors of Doetinchem are white-blue-yellow, exactly the colors I had used primarily. I had no notion of this when I was painting!! Laurens came up with the name of the painting and named it: “Sissies lost in Doetinchem.” The painting is now hanging on their wall and looks great :D. A real personal painting!

Woonkamer Laurens&KelvinWoonkamer Laurens&Kelvin