On request

Do you want a personal painting? I do make special paintings on request!

You can choose the size of the painting. It takes approximately 2 months before your painting is finished and I will send you update pictures during the proces. As soon as the painting is finished, you can come to my studio to see if it’s good for you. It is always possible to change something. You have to be completely satisfied with your personal painting!

The price depends on the size, the subject and the amount of ours of work. You can contact me to discuss what is possible. The target for a painting of 120x80cm is €695,- including taxes.

Painting ‘IJlst’, 100x80cm, requested by Monique Middeldorp
Monique wanted a very special painting from her farm in IJlst. She recently moved to Huizen and has a lot of memories from her time in IJlst. She send me this picture and told me that she liked earth colours like red, orange, brown and taupe. This painting was a present for her housewarming from her friends and family. I made my own version of this farm 🙂


Painting ‘De karpers’, requested by Marieke Boshuis
Marieke e-mailed a picture from a beautiful painting with carps. She wanted something like that, but with other colours. She liked the reliëf in the painting. I made the painting with the colors from her Persian carpet.

Painting ‘Mengi Yay’, requested by Guido de Groot Design
The colours were already chosen by Guido de Groot, but I made the design for this painting. You can recognize a fish in the round lines and beyond you can see some kind of skyline. The painting is hanging in a luxury yacht in Turkey.

Afbeelding 2

Painting ‘New Orleans’, 120x80cm, requested by Jeroen de Vries
Jeroen has studied in New Orleans for a few months and wanted a painting from it as a remembrance. He e-mailed me some pictures that he made during his visit and I chose this one because it has a lot of perspective. Jeroen told me which colors he likes and he knows my style of painting. He was very curious for the result! Luckily he liked it a lot 🙂


Painting ‘Floral Happiness’, 120x80cm, requested by Sabine van Dam
Sabine wanted a personal painting for in her new home. She told me she wanted a painting with field flowers and she also told me which flowers she wanted in the painting. There flowers brought up some memories for her. Sabine send me pictures from her home and from her blue couch. I used this color of blue in the painting. Together we decided what the size of the panting should be good for her wall. Here’s the result: Floral happiness!