On request

Do you want a personal painting? I do make special paintings on request.

You can choose the size and the colors of the painting. It takes approximately 1,5 month before your painting is finished and I will send you update pictures during the proces. It is always possible to change something. You have to be completely satisfied with your personal painting!

The price depends on the size, the subject and the amount of ours of work. You can contact me to discuss what is possible. The targets for a painting are:

200x100cm €1095,- incl. taxes
150x125cm €1045,- incl. taxes
150x100cm €995,- incl. taxes
120x100cm €895,- incl. taxes
120x80cm €845,- incl. taxes
100x80cm €695,- incl. taxes
90x60cm €595,- incl. taxes
80x60cm €495,- incl. taxes
70x50cm €395,- incl. taxes
50x50cm €295,- incl. taxes