On request

Do you want a personal painting? I do make special paintings on request!

You can choose the size of the painting. It takes approximately 2 months before your painting is finished and I will send you update pictures during the proces. As soon as the painting is finished, you can come to my studio to see if it’s good for you. It is always possible to change something. You have to be completely satisfied with your personal painting!

The price depends on the size, the subject and the amount of ours of work. You can contact me to discuss what is possible. The target for a painting of 120x80cm is €695,- including taxes.


Some other examples

Painting ‘De karpers’, requested by Marieke Boshuis


Painting ‘De Karpers’
Marieke e-mailed a picture from a beautiful painting with carps. She wanted something like it, but with different colors and in a custom size. She liked relief in the painting so I made it with rough patches of paint. I painted it with the colors from her Persian carpet in mind. The fishes stand out really well. What a cuties!


Haagse Duinen, 120x80cm, requested by Claire & Paul


Painting ‘Haagse Duinen’
Claire and Paul loved the painting “Tuscany” (see “my work”) and they wanted a painting in the same style for in their living room. With the same colors: green and blue. The size they wanted was 120x80cm. I asked them for a picture from a landscape that they love and they send me a picture of the dunes of The Hague. This is the the result!


Painting ‘New Orleans’, 120x80cm, requested by Jeroen de Vries


Painting ‘New Orleans’
Jeroen has studied in New Orleans for a few months and wanted a painting from it as a remembrance. He e-mailed me some pictures that he made during his visit. We chose this one because it has a lot of perspective. Jeroen told me which colors he likes and I could start. He knows my style of painting, but he was very curious for the result! Luckily he really liked it!


Fabulous Flowers, 100x70cm, requested by Petra&Wim

Painting ‘Fabulous Flowers’

Petra and Wim wanted a flower painting of 100x70cm with red, blue, yellow and pink colors to spice up their living room. Every week I sent update pictures and in June 2017 the painting was finished. I invited Petra&Wim to come and see the painting in real life, because a painting looks different in real life comparing to photo’s. The painting was exactly what they wanted and now it’s hanging in their living room! The title “Fabulous Flowers” was chosen by themselves. I used different materials for this painting: acrylic paint, spray paint, charcoal, structure paste and chalk.