2017 – The Rhodes series

In the summer of 2017 I worked on a new series of paintings on Rhodes.

Purple Haze – 120x80cm – Acrylic on canvas – SOLD

As we drove through the hilly mainland of Rhodes, I was inspired by this beautiful landscape. The hills looked like waves and each hill had a different structure. I started with purple hues and I added some blue, red and green details. The waves are reflected in the painting.

In my Dreams – 120x80cm – Acrylic on canvas – SOLD

I have seen the beautiful green hills during a ride in the car. On an island where it doesn’t rain in the summer, you wouldn’t expect those green hills. I also found the pine and other deciduous trees very beautiful. Trees are a source of inspiration for my paintings.

See me in Symi – 120x80cm – Acrylic on canvas – SOLD

Symi is an is a bare, rocky island next to Rhodes. The beautiful Symi-town with the colored houses is located in a bay. The day trip to this island inspired me to make this painting.

Endless – 120x80cm – Acrylic on canvas – SOLD

I was inspired by the painting “evening landscape with moon” by Jan Mankes so I decided to take his painting with the evening landscape as the starting point for my own painting. I made a “daytime” landscape with my own colors. I also stretched the image a bit, my canvas is 120x80cm and the original work has a different ratio. I also painted the trees in a slightly different shape. The title Endless is appropriate because of the long way along the water.