The Rhodes series 2020/2021

In the autumn and winter of 2020/2021 I have been working on a new series of paintings in Rhodes.

  1. Frozen Sunset, 40x60cm, including frame (sold)

2. Autumn Breeze, 120x80cm (sold)

3. Winterglow, 120x80cm – available

4. De Pauw, 50x50cm (sold)

5. Lilies of Life, 120x80cm (sold)

6. Enlightment, 120x80cm – available

7. Golden Forest, 100x100cm (sold)

8. Silver on Gold, 100x60cm (sold)

9. Golden Autumn, 90x60cm (sold)

10. Silver on Gold #2, 150x100cm (sold)

11. Hoge en Lage der A, Groningen, 90x60cm – not for sale