The Rhodes series 2020/2021

In the autumn and winter of 2020/2021 I have been working on a new series of paintings in Rhodes.

  1. Frozen Sunset, 40x60cm, including frame (sold)

2. Autumn Breeze, 120x80cm (sold)

3. Winterglow, 120x80cm (sold)

4. De Pauw, 50x50cm (sold)

5. Lilies of Life, 120x80cm (sold)

6. Enlightment, 120x80cm (sold)

7. Golden Forest, 100x100cm (sold)

8. Silver on Gold, 100x60cm (sold)

9. Golden Autumn, 90x60cm (sold)

10. Silver on Gold #2, 150x100cm (sold)

11. Hoge en Lage der A, Groningen, 90x60cm – not for sale