About me

As an artist I’m working from both The Hague and Rhodes, Greece. I make paintings from landscapes, flowerfields and animals. There are regular exhibitions of my work in the Netherlands, including in galleries. I do free work as well as commissions. 

In The Hague I’m born and raised. I started painting in 2010 and ever since I created my own style of painting. My inspiration I take from everywhere. Sometimes it is a photo I see, or something I have seen on my travels, or I just take it straight out of my imagination. For me the most important aspect about my paintings is how it comes together and the experience it creates. I always follow my heart when it comes to painting.

I am self-taught and work with acrylic paint on cotton canvases. My work is now hanging in several countries. Sources of inspiration for me are Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso. In Amsterdam I took lessons from Clare van Stolk, Vincent van Oss and Marjan Lahnstein. On Rhodes by Stella Matala.