About me

As an artist I’m working from both The Hague and Rhodes, Greece. I make paintings of landscapes and flowerfields. There are regular exhibitions of my work in the Netherlands, including in galleries. I do free work as well as commissions. 

In The Hague I’m born and raised. I started painting in 2010 and ever since I created my own style of painting. My inspiration I take from everywhere. Sometimes it is a photo I see, or something I have seen on my travels, or I just take it straight out of my imagination. For me the most important aspect about my paintings is how it comes together and the experience it creates. I always follow my heart when it comes to painting.

I am self-taught and work with acrylic and oil paint on cotton canvases. My work is now hanging in several countries. Vincent van Gogh is a source of inspiration. In Amsterdam I took lessons from Marjan Lahnstein and on Rhodes by Stella Matala and Heike Kummer.