November Sale

There is a nice discount on these paintings to make room for new works in the collection. So were you still looking for a beautiful work of art on the wall, but was it too expensive?

Then this is your chance!

*Flower Delight, 120x80cm, van €595 voor €295

*Carpe Diem, 120x80cm, van €595 voor €295

*Veldbloemen in Vaas, two piece, 122x76cm – from €495 for €245

*Summerbreeze, 122x76cm – from €495 for €245

*Autumn Leaves, two piece, 100x70cm – from €195 for €120

*Red Sissies, 100x120cm – from €395 for €195

*De Veluwe, 100x80cm, from €395 for €195 

*Silence, 100x80cm, from €445 for €225