Fabulous Flowers for Petra&Wim

The Fabulous Flowers for Petra&Wim. A few weeks ago we spoke about the ideas for the painting. Petra&Wim wanted a flower painting of 100x70x4cm with red, blue, yellow and pink colors. Blue is Petra’s favourite colour. Basically a flower field with bright colors to spice up their living room! Every week I send update pictures and today the painting was finished. I invited Petra&Wim to come and see the painting in real life, because a painting looks different in real life comparing to photo’s. The painting was exactly what they wanted it to be so they took it home. The title “Fabulous Flowers” was chosen by themselves. Thank you so much Petra&Wim for your request for a painting made by me! 

I used a lot of materials for this painting: acrylic paint, spray paint, charcoal, structure paste and chalk.