2016/2017: The Philippine series

These are 10 paintings I painted in the Philippines in the winter of 2016/2017. All paintings are 122x76x4cm and mounted on a nice sturdy wooden frame.

Friesland – SOLD

Inspired by a photograph of a Frisian landscape, I started this painting. I have made my own version of it. The proportions of the landscape in the photo are not the same as those of the painting, so I “stretched” the image slightly.

Butterfly Fish – SOLD

The beautiful underwater world of the Philippines has inspired me to make this painting. I was surprised at what lives there. Fish, coral, shrimps and snails in all colors of the rainbow. These are the beautiful Butterfly Fish painted on an abstract background.


New Zealand – SOLD

This landscape reminds me of New Zealand. I went there a few years ago and I thought it was really beautiful.

Sweetlips #2 – SOLD

The Philippines has a beautiful underwater world. I have therefore made a number of dives there. One of my favorite fish is the Sweetlips.

Royal Affairs – SOLD

These are a queen and a princess: the Royal Affairs. The colors are intense and at the same time calm on this canvas.

De Alchemist – SOLD

This painting reminds me of the book the Alchemist. This landscape resembles Spain and Italy.

Fields of Joy – SOLD

Every field of flowers that I paint is different in terms of color and composition. Fields of Joy has mainly purple and pink hues and the wild flowers pop out.

Indian Summer – SOLD

It has really become a warm late summer on the canvas, hence the name Indian Summer. A surreal landscape to look at for a long time.

Veldbloemen in vaas – SOLD

The only two-piece from the Philippines series. The colors stand out well because of the dark background.

Amsterdam by Night – SOLD

This is Amsterdam by Night. It has something mysterious about it.